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The World's Best Film to Screen at MDFF2020 and Revelation Perth International Film Festival

EVERYONE! First of all HAPPY FRIDAY! AND now, I'm super stoked to announce that my debut feature film 'The World’s Best Film' will be having a special online advanced preview at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival between June 30th-15th July!!

AND it will also be screening online at the Perth Revelation International Film Festival between July 9th-19th!!

As many of you know film festivals have been cancelled around the world and cinemas have closed. Having the opportunity to screen my film amongst a global pandemic was looking difficult.

This has been the better part of 6 years of my life making this 100% independent film and finding and crafting these stories, along with some dedicated crew all over the world. It really does mean the world to have the opportunity to screen it for all of you, in Australia.

We also just received one of our first reviews from 'The Movie Boards' and this is a snapshot of what they said: "how I tell the difference between a great movie and a really great movie is the ability to reach inside me and have a genuine effect on my emotions. Now some filmmakers are capable of that for a moment or two. Joshua Belinfante’s The World’s Best Film radiated happiness for its entire runtime. 6/6" Read the full review here You can stream the film at MDFF2020 here And you can stream at the Perth Revelation International Film Festival here For everything 'The World's Best Film head to instagram or facebook or check out this other blog post about the trailer release! #passions #mdff2020 #revelationperthinternationalfilmfestival #theworldsbestfilm #independent #documentary

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