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listen to joshua belinfante talk with art curator gabrielle steele

Here I talk about what happened when I was told I might only have a short time left to live, how I decided to follow through with my passions and why I made the film! This is a conversational deep dive! Enjoy.

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Film Ink

"The World’s Best Film is a highly personal globe-trotting documentary about people and their passions, a reflection of how they see themselves and how we as a viewer may have thought of them before we heard their story."

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Revelation Perth Film Festival

"A personal documentary about people who are living their fascinations and are the ‘best’ at what they do, The World’s Best Film finds its stories in the off-beat and unique. The best who appear in the film are not necessarily pursuing traditional passions, and the story takes in people who are the best at bumming cigarettes and the best at touring public toilets. Each of these individuals offers some insight to Joshua, who moves through these worlds as both participant and observer.


The World’s Best Film is a chronicle of lives and a journey both personal and, perhaps, universal."

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Utah Film Festival & Awards

"I love the positivity in Joshua Belinfante's feature documentary 'The World's Best Film'. It  is inspiring and very motivational. I appreciate what it tackles about chances in life that will inspire others to move forward. I also enjoyed watching the interesting people from different parts of the world who are featured in this documentary, they exemplified that no matter where you are and who you are, you can make a mark in this world by pursuing your passion with the purest intentions. Lovely documentary, a must-see indeed!"

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"How I tell the difference between a great movie and a really great movie is the ability to reach inside me and have a genuine effect on my emotions. Now some filmmakers are capable of that for a moment or two. Joshua Belinfante’s 'The World’s Best Film' radiated happiness for its entire runtime."