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The World's Best Film Trailer.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is what I made when the world told me to stop doing anything at all.

I emerged from the intensive care unit six years ago today, lucky enough to feel pain. Lucky enough to survive life-saving surgery removing the 1KG tumour between my lungs and heart. I think back to that time and what went through my mind; never seeing my family or friends again, never getting to do any of what I wanted, never finishing all those projects I’d dreamt of making.

I think now about what I would have told Joshua from six years ago; don’t sweat it kid. Six years from now you will have finished your debut feature film, taught at all kinds of film schools, commenced a PhD… and the world would be in lockdown. I wouldn’t have believed myself and thought I was high on fentanyl. It is my hope that anybody reading this who is overwhelmed with the world right now knows that their future can still be what they make it. It may take time, it may take patience, it will take staying home and it will take sacrifice. It may seem distant; everyone is afraid of the unknown and that is totally okay. Radical self- acceptance of everything you are right now and following the advice of those around you is all you can do.

Keep safe, stay patient and reach out if you need to; it’s what we all need.

Thank you for reading and watching, your support means the world <3

Joshua Belinfante

Filmmaker photographs tailors
Joshua Belinfante filming 'Man of The Cloth' Alexandru Ciorba and his partner Evelin Bodea in Cluj, Romania

Joshua filming the world's kindest cab driver, Narong Sairat in Thailand as part of the scene 'Bazaar Taxi'

To keep updated on everything 'The World's Best Film': 'The World's Best Film' featuring the stories of : Björn Lindqvist, Narong & Wilai Sairat, Steven Edwards, Rachel Cole-Wilkin, Gabriela Boner, Stanislaw Kurkowski, Kamil Skicki, Gervais & Yannick Koffi, Alexandru Ciorba, Evelin Bodea, Maddy 'Magdalena' Slabacu, Kurt & Peter Fuchs, Arany Joszef, Joshua, Lilly and Peter Belinfante Made with the support of the following individuals and many more. Sound mixer: Liam Moses Composer: David Bruggemann Colour grade: Sean Morris Surround sound mix: Anthony Marsh

GFX: Ben Mitchell Filmmaker: Joshua Marks If you'd like to read a bit more about some other 'world's best films' head here. If you'd like to read a bit more about the film itself, the lovely folks at Filmink did a wonderful story on us! If you'd like to help support independent film please head to our shop, every bit of funds we receive helps fund our efforts to distribute the film! You can pick up an ethically handmade T shirt by the lovely folks at or a magnet or a limited edition pin! We are 100% independent and do not have any financing, #stayathome #arts #featurefilm #theworldsbestfilm #director #documentary #feature #australianfilm #joshuabelinfante #theworldsbest #australianfilmmaker #requiresreview #swedishfilm #romanianfilm #thaifilm #gervaiskoffi #kamilskicki #ivarfors #kurtfuchs #londonlootour #lootour #puppets #geese

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