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joshua belinfante 


Joshua Belinfante, filmmaker & photographer holds an eye for the eccentric and the surreal. Joshua founded Belinfante Photography in 2010, specialising in events photography and film production. He has self-produced and assisted on numerous short films, feature films, TV shows, TVCs, music videos and stop motion animations in Australia and abroad.


He has taught technical workshops at the University of Technology Sydney ('UTS') and taught industry journalists through the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism and been a casual lecturer at the New York Film Academy, Sydney and Gold Coast campus for 3 years.


His recent film 'Requires Review' has screened at over 20 festivals, won numerous awards and recently had its North American Premiere at The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. He has worked on television series for the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 9 & SBS. He has had films exhibited in Australia, Asia, the USA and Europe and has won numerous awards for his work. He has a Bachelor of Communications (Media Arts Production) / Bachelor of Laws from the UTS.

liam moses

post production sound mixer

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david bruggemann


Young Male

David Bruggemann is an Australian born composer and song writer. Enjoying music from a young

age, David studied piano and tenor saxophone

during his school years. He began composing at

age 13 and by age 16 he was creating electronic

music and discovered he had a passion for composing music for the screen. In 2012, David graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University with a Bachelor of Music Technology, Screen Music.


In 2014, David graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School with a Graduate Diploma in Screen Music.

With a seven year career in Audio, Liam began by completing a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Audio

at the Australian Institute of Music and upon completion went on to freelance. He then continued onto the prestigious New York Film Academy Sydney, spending two years managing their technical, production and operations teams; as well as work on a wide variety of projects in both screen and music production.


In between his freelancing Liam also regularly works for The International Screen Academy, Channel 7 and Trackdown Studios. Having worked on over thirty-five short films and three features in the past two years, Liam ha spent countless hours working on-set and in post, he has the audio knowledge and skills to see any project from beginning to end, providing extremely high-quality work and to highly professional standard.

Male Portrait

joshua marks

additional camera

Joshua is a fellow documentary filmmaker, cousin and neighbour to Joshua Belinfante. Trained by shooting in the field and at Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). Joshua enjoys blurring the boundary between what is the film and what is


shane burrell (final post)

colour grade and finishing post

Shane is the founder and chief colourist for Final Post, a specialist finishing facility based in Newcastle. The heart of Final Post is all about championing and supporting filmmakers through world class tools and facilities which may be out of reach in a traditional sense. Shane aims for a perfect trifecta of ultimate creativity, technical excellence and financial flexibility when it comes to partnering with each production.


Not only is Shane a die-hard optimist and artist, but a strategic thinker. This has led him and the team at Final Post down the path of birthing Agile Post Pathways. This framework seeks to assist and guide productions from an early phase of development through the many hidden land-mines which have a negative

effect on the final product.

So, with his beautiful family in tow, a world class facility and a love for surfing before colour sessions, Shane brings a different kind of energy into the world of post.


ben mitchell 

title designer

Ben Mitchell is a freelance illustrator, designer and comic book artist from Newcastle, NSW. As an illustrator, he has worked with international brands such as Dyson, Red Bull, Hahn Beer, Oporto and The Vengaboys. His original comic book series Storm Clouds has taken him all over Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom. He lives in an apartment with a camera operator named Stephen.

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'the world's best film' key personell

Poster illustration: Michael Chen 
Archive filmed by: Peter Belinfante

Script consultant: Jeremy Belinfante



Featuring: Björn Lindqvist & Johan Lenhoff

Story by: Joshua Belinfante & Björn Lindqvist
Featuring: Björn Lindqvist & Johan Lenhoff 
Director of Photography: Kalle Dahlberg
Second Camera: Joshua Belinfante 
Sound: Mikael Sewerin
Music by: Stuart McBratney 
Props: Renee Bosak

Special thanks: Lindqvist family + Constantinescu family, Stefan Eriksson,

Birgit Sutzl, Tom Raudkivi, Morgane Guyonnet







Featuring: Narong & Wilai Sairat

Director, Producer, Camera, Sound Recordist, Editor: Joshua Belinfante 
Interviewer: Thanakarn Thongbujsri
Featuring: Narong Sairat, Wilai Sairat, Palm. Arphawan Sungsiri
Assembly Editor/Translator: Chireen Yottinpattana 
Music: David Bruggemann
Special thanks: Someerset Park SuanPhlu, Kevin Vivis Visithsiri,

Palm. Arphawan Sungsiri






Featuring: Stevie Edwards, Freddie 

Director, Producer, Camera, Editor: Joshua Belinfante

Additional Camera: Martyn Taylor

Sound: Sam Freeman, Joshua Belinfante
Production Assistant: Sabin Gnawali

Special Thanks: NYFA




Featuring: Rachel Cole-Wilkin, Amber, Katie, Andy Richards

Director, Producer, Camera Editor: Joshua Belinfante

Additional Sound Recording: Christopher Stamoulos, Jack Curtis

Special thanks: Shammai Family

Archive Photos: Rachel Cole-Wilkin, Amber Hawkins, Pixiveda

Featuring: Gabriela Boner

Producer, Camera, Editor: Joshua Belinfante

Translation by: Gabriela Boner, Pontus Lindqvist 






Featuring: Stanislaw Kurokowski, Kamil Skicki,

Additional Camera/Archive: Kamil Skicki

Producer, Camera, Editor: Joshua Belinfante

Translator: Dobroslawa Bielach

Translation: Anna Dzrow 

Special thanks: Dobroslawa Bielach, Gabriela Boner

Featuring: Gervais & Yannick Koffi, the African Diaspora Band

Camera: Joshua Marks and Timothy Fay

Camera & Sound assistant: Chris Kilismanis 

Archive: Gervais Koffi

Special Thanks: Media Stockade


Featuring: Ivar Fors, Ordljud, Martin Dernhagen, Jimmy Hagelfors, Pontus Lindqvist,

Jasmine Gestblom, Julia Bengtsson, Penny, Gabriela Boner 

Producer, Camera, Editor: Joshua Belinfante

Sound Recordist: Pontus Lindqvist, Gabriela Boner

Archive: Ivar Fors


Featuring: Maddy ‘Magadalena’ Slabacu, Shabnam Tavakol, Tim Ressos, Benjamin Kuryo

Horzion Theatre Company

Sound Recordist: Sam Freeman

‘Imaginarium’ Sound: Christopher Stamoulos

Camera Assistant: Chris Kilismanis

Puppet Design and Production: Daniela Voican, Bob Short, Maddy Slabacu


Featuring: Alexandru Ciorba, Evelin Bodea

Producer, Camera, Editor: Joshua Belinfante

Co-Producer: Dan Peret

Translator, additional camera: Dan Peret

Special thanks: Eduard Schneider, Stuart McBratney


Featuring: Kurt, Peter, Talia, Jess & Jeremy Fuchs

Camera: Joshua Marks & Joshua Belinfante

Sound Recordist: Jeremy Belinfante

Special Thanks: Fuchs Family, Warwick Levy

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