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Be part of Björn Lindqvist's 'Requires Review' movement! Tell your friends you require review, or give it to someone who you think requires review. Pin it to a wall that's falling apart, put it on a famous landmark that needs to be evaluated. Take a photo and share it with #requiresreview so the world knows!

This special limited edition pin has been made in collaboration with Newcastle based designer and title designer of 'The World's Best Film' Ben Mitchell. 

If you want to see the context of this beautiful pin check out the teaser trailer to the scene all about the world's best town planner, Björn Lindqvist here. 

Once they sell out, there won't be anymore! Be part of history. Björn Lindqvist was described in 2016 by the Sydney City Council as "the banksy of town planning".

Björn Lindqvist's story is  one scene featured  in 'The World's Best Film' streaming at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and Revelation Perth International Film Festival in July 2020.

Product sizing: each pin is approx  6.5mm and has two high quality butterfly clips on the back (it's gonna be mega cute) 

Requires Review -Lapel Pin (incl. shipping)

  • You'll get a limited edition pin and if you order in the month of June you'll also get a free sticker ! 

    If you order this pin and 'The World's Best' pin, you'll get a lil hand written thank you from the director 

    This includes shipping  Australia wide. 

  • For all international orders please add  $13 AUD. We'll give you a free sticker to make up for it too <3

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