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a feature documentary about

people that are trying their

best at their passions.



Told he only had a short time to live, Joshua Belinfante

sought out dedicated talents around the world striving

their best at what they always wanted to do as kids; 

trying to find what he would do if given a second chance. 

‘The World's Best Film’ is an anthology documentary about 13 people striving to be the world's best at their passions. Through the film we meet a wide range of people from varying ends of the continuum of human experience. From the world's best bummer of cigarettes, the world's best town planner to the best griller of bananas! We discover  personalities you won't believe and lifestyles you would not think possible in cities around Australia, Europe & South East Asia. The film is 'hosted' by filmmaker

Joshua Belinfante who acts as both participant, spectator and author. 


We also meet a few individuals that didn’t like us describing them as the world's best. Filmed over a period of five years the film is proof that anybody can

do anything they put their minds towards.


These individuals don’t actually need to be the world’s very best

at what they do, they just need to try as best as they can!

The film had its premiere on

SBS Australia on 18th December 2021.

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